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♥  Mel & Kyle Forrest Burns 

California Grown Feature

The Farmers Guild: New Farmers of the Year


 Our journey together began in the flowers. While Kyle wildcrafted bouquets full of redbud blossoms-lupines-douglas iris for Mel, she would be arranging blooms from her work on a flower farm, celosia-lisianthus-broomcorn for him. Before long we were happily digging in the dirt together on the weekends and by the time our first sun gold tomatoes were ripe we knew we were soilmates. 

 In 2015 we moved to the coast(where Kyle had lived during younger years) to develop Nye Ranch with a promise to always farm with our hearts. We wanted to help share the magic of fresh, organic produce & flowers with this community to nourish body and spirit. We focus on soil building, creating pollinator habitat and biointensive farming. We work in harmony with our Mother Ocean, never using chemicals that would hurt our fragile watersheds or the life that depends on them. 

In our spare time we forage for mushrooms, go huckleberry picking, take photographs, paint, play with our pup on the beach and bike to town for margaritas.  

Kyle is also a proud board member of Mendocino Renegade, a member of Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) as well as the Coastal Representative of the Mendocino County Farmers Market Association (MCFARM).

Photo by Lucille Lawrence

Photo by Lucille Lawrence

Photo by Lucille Lawrence

Photo by Lucille Lawrence

 ~Officially partners forever ~